Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Texture Board Book

In this board book, I used some of the items we sell in a slightly different way than they were inteded to be used. I made it for my son. We moved up to WI over a year ago from Mobile, AL and, not knowing I would have another baby, I left all of the baby books in storage in Alabama. I love to read to my children, so I wanted to make a texture book for him (he is 4 1/2 months old now).
We don't carry the board books anymore, and some of the stamp sets I used are retired. Everything else I used is current CTMH products or found items.
For the front cover, I used the Victory Level 2 paper and a picture of my son. I used cocoa ink (Tiny Typewriter was used throughout for the font).

For the first 2 pages, I made a spread using cardstock inspired by Footloose: Heavenly Blue, Lagoon, and Bamboo with White Daisy clouds. The birds are drawn with a black CTMH marker. The stamp I used for the water was from You and Me with Lagoon Ink. I used Cocoa ink for the text. The starfish was made by cutting out the fat star from the Art Philosophy Cricut cartridge, then using that as a template to cut a star out of our distressing sandpaper. Then I added some wiggly eyes. For the sponge, I just cut up one of our sponges with scissors to make it look like a sea sponge.
On pages 3 and 4, I used cardstock from the Pemberly level 2 kit. The stamp set is Howdy. I colored the animals using ink and the blending pen. The inks I used are Cranberry, Honey, Desert Sand, Indian Corn Blue and Cocoa. For the sheep, I hand drew the one from the stamp set a little bigger with the Black marker. Then I applied liquid applique all over for a poofy effect. The horse and the spots on the cow are cut from our black microfiber cloth.
The 5th and 6th pages are made from papers from the Lucy paper pack. The bunnies and turtle are hand-drawn with our black marker, the bunnies are covered with cotton and the sections of the turtle's shell are filled with liquid glass. The text is stamped in black ink.
On pages 7 and 8, I used B&Ts from the Victory paper pack (with a Colonial White cloud). The text is stamped in Cocoa on Colonial White. The cat is drawn with the Black marker. I copied it from the cat on the Wicked stamp set. I attached some black hemp to the cat for the whiskers. The tree and bird are from the Stella Canvas Compliments. I added a feather and wiggly eye to the bird.

For the last two pages I used the Stella paper pack (I am loving how the B&T's look like wall paper!). I stamped the lamp and the chair from the Stella WOTG stamp set in Lagoon and Tulip ink. The mouse is crocheted with white yarn with wiggly eyes added. The outside of the mirror is an image from the Art Philosophy cartridge. The mirror itself is just made with a heavy duty piece of aluminum foil. I stamped the text in tulip ink.

The back cover is just a B&T from Victory. The whole book is glued and sealed with decopage (to keep grimy hands from ruining it), and all the 3d elements are attached with liquid glass (how I love that stuff!!!!).
I had been thinking about how to make this book for quite a while. It took me about a week to finish it once I had it all planned out. My daughters, ages 5 and 2, already love it, and my son is going to cherish it forever.

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  1. Sarah, I love your board book and am inspired to make one for my granddaughter. How clever. thank you for sharing.