Friday, August 3, 2012


I held my open house on Wednesday. I displayed the new kits: Avonlea, Clementine, Flirty, Scholastic, and Pear & Partridge. Today I will show you my Avonlea artwork.

The first layout is the Workshop on the Go - Original Pattern from Jeanette Lynton.

The second layout is the Workshop on the Go Additional Layout. Imagine - Creative Team.

The third layout is the Compliments Canvas shapes layout pictured in the idea book. This is level 2 scrapbooking (no stamping allowed!) The layout is Enchantment from Magic.

The fourth layout is one I came up with for the second Canvas Compliments layout. It is also from Magic - Lovely Assistant.

Then I made the WOTG bonus project using the additional materials: Canvas Alphabet and the My Creations Photo/Recipe Box. This is the front.

This is the top.
This is the back of the box.

This is the inside of the box. The card WOTG fits inside the box! If you wanted to do it this way, you could label the box "cards" instead of "photos." Cool, huh?


I made 5 of these cards and decorated the envelopes.


I made 5 of these cards and decorated the envelopes.


And I made 5 of these cards and decorated the envelopes. This turned out to be a very elegant looking "just because" card workshop.

August is my Avonlea month. I will be doing the scrapbooking workshop on the 11th, the Canvas Compliments night on the 14th. Aug. 24th I will have an open crop and the 31st I will be doing the card workshop. Contact me for prices and times.

If anyone wants to complete any of these projects but is unable to attend, I will offer a service for only $5. I will do all the stamping and cutting for you so you can assemble it at your convenience!

Thanks for stopping by. Hope to see you this month!

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  1. Love all your Avonlea artwork!! great job! Avonlea is myfavorite new paper pack